Busy week, and MO1 is irrelevant?

Graphic of Najib Razak in clown face - From the Internet
Graphic of Najib Razak in clown face – From the Internet

It has been a busy week around the world, with regards to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). You know, the Malaysian company that is in debt for some RM42 billion, perhaps more with the tanking ringgit, and allegedly treated as the personal kitty of some Malaysian officials, particularly Malaysian Official 1.

And who is Malaysian Official 1? Well, Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan kindly revealed it a while ago, and it is none other than Prime Minister Najib Razak.

But 1MDB head honcho or president Arul Kanda Kandasamy thinks it is irrelevant whoever Malaysian Official 1 or MO1 is.

The world, however, has moved on beyond MO1. For example, Singapore has closed two banks, charged three Singaporeans who worked on the 1MDB-linked accounts. The Swiss are seeking further cooperation from Malaysia in their probe.

And Malaysia? It is business as usual.

Najib Razak remains Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and Malaysian Official 1.

If he is panicking over what the Singaporeans are doing and what the Swiss want, he isn’t showing it publicly although the Malaysian Official 1 understands there is a fair bit of activity going on in the background to settle the various issues related to 1MDB.

Of course, the Wall Street Journal has cast a fresh spin to the matter today, reporting that investigators are looking at whether funds from 1MDB was used to smoothen the way for Najib’s relatives to visit the White House in 2013.

Najib has yet to visit the White House although his deputy Zahid Hamidi did so earlier. The closest Najib has got to the White House is a round of golf with President Barack Obama in Hawaii, in December 2014.

Where does all this leave Malaysia? Nowhere really. As far as the government prosecutors and investigators are concerned, it is a closed case.

And any hope of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Citizen Declaration being discussed in the current Conference of Rulers meeting has been scuttled. The declaration was not part of the agenda of the meetings chaired by the Johor sultan over the past two days.

The nine Malay Rulers meet today to elect a successor to the Kedah sultan, who has ruled for a second five-year term in Malaysia’s unique rotational constitutional monarchy system.

Although the Kelantan ruler is next in line, speculation is that the Pahang sultan could take the job but the 85-year-old affable ruler – who is very close to Najib – might himself squeezed out by the popular Selangor sultan. Any which way it goes, the new King will not affect Najib’s standing as prime minister.

The only surprise will be if the new king alludes to the lack of goings-on with regards to 1MDB when the entire world is taking whatever action it can to get to the bottom of the financial imbroglio.

Perhaps, it is a case of Malaysia Boleh, an ironic ode to Dr Mahathir’s time in power.



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