A plot to share the Olympic limelight

Lee Chong Wei in action in Rio. - Pic from the Internet
Lee Chong Wei in action in Rio. – Pic from the Internet

As Malaysian Olympic hopes continue glimmering this week with a possible gold in badminton, all eyes are turned to whether the Malaysian Official 1 or his wife will turn up to bask in the afterglow of victory.

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is already there, as he should be, in congratulating Malaysian medal winners particularly in the keirin event this morning. But the elephant in the room or unasked question is, whether the First Lady of Malaysia will make an appearance?

The short answer is no. Or rather not yet.

She hosted a luncheon in Putrajaya yesterday for the National Blue Ocean Strategy week, and suffice to say she remains in Malaysia at this point in time.

But there was a plan for top Malaysian officials and their wives to be at hand in Rio de Janeiro if there were chance of a golden moment. But some logistics got in the way, and perhaps there isn’t as much money going around as there were during the heydays of 1MDB.

The plan was simple. Get FLOM to have an event in the Americas, and be on standby to fly to Rio if the occasion demands it. Otherwise, it would take some 24 hours to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Rio, private jet notwithstanding.

There are other issues of course, The Games Village is strict on security and protocol but that is only for athletes and officials registered to be there. There are no allowances for VIPs or their entourage, so anyone intending to visit will have to use the buses provided.

Nothing fancy because it is a celebration of athleticism and sports, not position and wealth.

But you never know, the calendar is free for the rest of the week and if the Malaysian team does well in the badminton finals this week, we could see a familiar face in Rio.

And we are not talking about the girl from Ipanema.

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