No country for stressed PMs

Najib Razak cupping his hands during a prayer. - Pic from the Internet
Najib Razak cupping his hands during a prayer. – Pic from the Internet

According to Economics Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Najib Razak is the most stressed prime minister in the world, running the most stressful country in the world, thanks to the opposition.

Imagine what the citizens feel. You want to know stress, sir? A crappy ringgit, a wider tax regime and a government that does not recognise it has been swindled of money poured into the so-called strategic investor 1MDB.

But of course, Rahman Dahlan can’t do that. His imagination is only limited by his sycophancy for the man who made him minister. You know, the man we know as Malaysian Official 1.

Here are some choice quotes for your Sunday laugh.

“Since he assumed office (in 2009), he has been the most stressed prime minister in the world,” he said.

“Why, because we have opposition who refuse to use their brains. They use only emotions,” he said.

“They said, choose me because Umno is bad. They should instead saying choose me because I am good,” he said.

“This is destructive politics. That’s why we are stressed all the time. But, Najib is patient, brave and always smiling,” he said.

One doubts whether Najib has any other options. His array of advisers are giving him contradictory advice. The likes of Farid Ridzuan, Habibul Rahman Kadir Shah, Paul Stadlen and even Rahman Dahlan can make a man stressed for days on end.

Some of these chaps are the paid lackeys, others do it for position and future wealth. And all don’t get the world has seen Najib Razak for what he is. The man who claims he got US$681 million from some Arab donor only for the US Department of Justice to call his bluff and say it was pilfered from 1MDB through complex web of companies and accounts.

Now, if Rahman Dahlan can’t or won’t publicly recognise that his boss is stressed because of the DoJ suit and not the local opposition, what else is he deluded about. As it stands, the Umno chaps are indifferent and oblivious to the global consternation about the 1MDB swindle and just want more money.

Is that what Umno has become? A dumb hoover just sucking up the bosses and the wealth of the state that has become the laughing stock of the world.

Let’s face it. The world isn’t interested whether Najib Razak is stressed or not. They already have him in the right place, shaming him without naming him. The greatest unmensi the world, in social media parlance.

They’ll leave Najib Razak there, and extract everything they can get from him. Rahman Dahlan might think Najib Razak has scored 15 goals against nil from the opposition but each of the cited goals are people who know they can get something from Malaysian Official 1.

No one is doing this because they actually support Najib Razak. Not even the smiling leaders from around the globe. He is weak and compromised, so all he can do is be brave, patient and smile.

Malaysia is no country for stressed PMs, because they have taken us for a ride since 1957. The only reason Najib is stressed is that he is running on empty, and we all know it.






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