Jho Low’s RM4.1 billion blow

Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho aka Jho Low – Pic from the internet

Jho Low. That very name brings to mind only one thing. The pudgy Penangite pal of Najib Razak said to be the man behind various 1MDB deals, including lest we forget – bringing South Korean popstar Psy for a concert in his home island before Election 2013.

Yes, that Jho Low, the one who has cavorted with the likes of Paris Hilton, popping Cristal and then some, buying this and that and getting a credit for the Wolf of Wall Street movie produced by good friend, Riza Aziz.

That Jho Low, named with Riza Aziz in the Department of Justice suit to recover US$1 billion from the same movie and its producers Red Granite Pictures.

So, how much did Jho Low allegedly blow from the alleged pilfered proceeds of 1MDB? According to the Cilisos site, it totalled RM4.1 billion since 2009.

Let’s put that in perspective. That amount is just about 10pct of the RM42 billion debt racked up by 1MDB since its inception in 2008.

10pct. That seems like the standard commission in Malaysia.

Stands to reason why Prime Minister Najib Razak has questioned the brouhaha over the DoJ suit and its contents, saying this was usually  low-key issues. And adding that 1MDB has nothing to do with the DoJ suit.




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