Where in the world is Ali and Baba?

Riza Aziz and Jho Low pose at the Wolf Of Wall Street premiere. – Pic from the Internet

Let’s face it. You may not want to name your newborns after them but a couple of names dominate conversations in Malaysia these days: Riza Aziz and his chubby partner, Jho Low.

More than 90pct of the country consider the duo ‎the most brazen abusers of government funds (or for that matter debt) since independence. (Simple. They are world-class compared with the so-called corporate captains during the Mahathir era who swiped hundreds of millions under “privatisation” schemes and Umno leaders who stole billions by not returning shares held as nominees).

According to the DoJ claims, tons of 1MDB funds were used to fund their lavish lifestyles and extravagant purchases of Riza and Jho Low. They have been silent and there seems to be a burgeoning cottage industry on where these two young men are currently?

Riza is in the United States. No, he is not hiding in Putrajaya, Pekan or anywhere in Kazakhstan‎.

Apparently, he did not want to give the impression that he was hiding or running away from the authorities there.

Snapshot of alleged Reuters article
Screen capture of alleged Reuters report on Malaysian lawyer Shafee Abdullah’s trip to the US – Pic from the Internet

Which will explain why only two so-called news portals had a report apparently from Reuters that Malaysia’s “prominent legal brain” was heading to the US.The first family and their supporters in Umno think that his return to the US was ill-advised but there is much to be said about facing your accusers, instead of running and hiding.

And speaking about hiding, Jho Low is said to be shuttling between the Middle East and China. His friends say that he is unlikely to return to Malaysia in the near future because he is being blamed for the mess the Prime Minister finds himself in.

The Razak family and that includes Najib’s brothers who are trying desperately to salvage what they can of their father’s legacy want to load all the blame on the chubby spender from George Town.

The plump Penangite will be the fall guy, or so they think.

And where is Malaysian Official 1?

He is chairing an Umno supreme council meeting today, and then he’s flying to Jakarta for the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) next week – his first foreign trip since the DoJ announced a suit to recover US$1 billion from the Wolf of Wall Street movie and producers Red Granite Pictures.

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  • 29/07/2016 at 18:00

    Is he going to be treated like a pariah by the others? Naa…. They might be no better


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