The silly people that keep Malaysian Official 1 in power

No, we aren’t talking about Barisan Nasional politicians here.

13876434_10153554606620870_1649954985241682174_n 13669576_10153554606615870_3968198857995728091_nAt least they get something for being silly enough to defend 1MDB as the best idea that went awry and left a big black hole for Malaysians to fill, and that their beloved leader is either clueless or cunning enough to be Mr Teflon or Malaysian Official 1 in everything but name.

Today, we are talking about little kids who prance about as national politicians in a schoolyard spat over whether to hold snap state elections in Penang in the wake of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s graft charges.

Free Malaysia Today reported it, and there was an article in The Star.

What can one actually say about this if they conduct their affairs in public, on social media? Freedom of expression? Transparency? Democracy?

 No. It is called stupidity. Only children do this, not mature adults and certainly not politicians of any stature. Perhaps they want to emulate Donald Trump or Ibrahim Ali or Rani Kulup for that matter. Political jokes who don’t amount to much, unless Americans decide Trump is a better joker.

A week after the US Department of Justice filed a complaint to seize US$1 billion from the Wolf of Wall Street movie and its producers Red Granite Pictures, Malaysian opposition politicians are more keen to slug it out among themselves than take on the kleptocracy in the country.

You have only shown us that whatever Pakatan you call yourself is a sham, a marriage of convenience by tantrum-throwing toddlers. You are not our hope, and in a way, shouldn’t we be glad you didn’t win the last general elections.

You would be plumbing the same kind of depths Malaysian Official 1 has thus far.

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